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Gaylen Ohman

The time required to complete the home inspection will vary depending on such factors as the physical size and age of the structures to be inspected. Since we are committed to excellence in the performance of our services, we are reluctant to be hurried through the inspection process. The average home inspection will take between 3 to 4 hours to complete. Client attendance is not required during the inspection but Pro Certified Home Inspections welcomes and encourages the attendance of their clients whenever possible. It is an opportune time to actually experience the thoroughness of our inspection process and to ask the inspector any pertinent questions.


Following the inspection process, we provide our clients with a comprehensive, 20-plus page, bound, computer-generated report. The report consists of explicit narrative explanations along with detailed color digital photographs that clearly illustrate uncovered deficiencies, potential safety hazards or other areas of concern.


If you live outside of the immediate area, we would be happy to send you a hard copy report of your inspection report using priority mail or if you wish, we can send your report electronically in the popular Adobe .pdf format to the email address of your choice.


Pro Certified Home Inspections invites to view an actual report that was produced for one of our clients. We have changed the identity to provide for client confidentiality.


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