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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should a buyer have a home inspection done?

Purchasing a home may be one of the largest investments you may make in your life. Your dream house may have some safety concerns and / or major deficiencies that you should have knowledge of prior to the conclusion of the real estate transaction.

When completing a formal purchase agreement for your new home, you will be given the option to secure the services of an independent home inspection resource such as Pro Certified Home Inspections to provide you with a detail evaluation of the general condition of the home.

It is important to become an informed buyer. Having your home inspected prior to the finalization the purchase will put yourself in a better position to make a confident buying decision. More importantly, you will also be protecting your family from potential safety hazards as well as protecting your budget from major unforeseen and costly repairs.

Why should a seller have a home inspection done?

Selling a home can be a stressful situation taking into consideration all of the unknowns. The professionalism of a well-selected real estate agent will ease many, but not all of your concerns.

Unfortunately, even after living in a home for a number of years, major concerns regarding the general condition of your home may have quietly evolved and gone totally unnoticed. The discovery of safety hazards or major concerns by a potential buyer may be enough to stall your sales transaction or even worst, cause a qualified buyer to experience a total loss of interest in your property.

Having you home pre-sale inspected will allow the necessary time to take care of any deal stalling concerns. Potential buyers will become increasing interested in your property following their review of your comprehensive Pro Certified Home Inspection pre-sale inspection report.

What should I consider when hiring a Home Inspector?

We at Pro Certified Home Inspections suggest that you do your homework very carefully. Beware of the fact that since the State of Minnesota does not mandate home inspector licensing, many unqualified individuals and handymen have proclaimed themselves as professional home inspectors. As with any another service provider, you can find the good and the bad.

Take the time to call potential inspectors and ask about their inspection certifications, insurance coverage, the type of reporting system they use, the standards of practice and code of ethics they follow, their affiliated organizations, the types of services they provided along with a in-depth explanation of how they would fulfill your inspection needs.

Asked to see an example of their inspection report and request a detail explanation regarding their inspection process and criterion.

We suggest that if you are not totally comfortable with all of the information you are provided with, it is undoubtedly within your best interest to further your search for a competent, qualified and certified inspector.


Why shouldn't I just have someone in my family who is very handy or a contractor, inspect my new home?

This is a big mistake many potential new homeowners make when purchasing their new home. Although the person they are considering may mean well and may be skilled in many ways, they are not trained and experienced at professional home inspections.

Pro Certified Home Inspections is a certified and professional home inspection resource. Our inspectors have extensive and specialized training which is accompanied by a wide-range of experience. They have developed the unique skill and instinct to identify safety hazards and detect active and potential problems like no other.

On numerous occasions, many contractors and other professional trades' people hire a professional home inspector to inspect their new home prior to finalizing a purchase agreement.


What will the inspection cover?
A: A Pro Certified Home Inspection includes a thorough evaluation of the visible and readily accessible items from the attic to the building foundation.

•  Grading / Landscaping

•  Retaining Walls

•  Driveways & Walks

•  Deck, patio & Balcony

•  Doors, Windows & Steps

•  Siding, Trim & gutters

•  Roofing & Flashing Components

•  Foundation

•  Basement

•  Crawlspaces

•  Attic

•  Insulation


•  Ceilings

•  Floors

•  Walls

•  Chimney

•  Fireplace

•  Major Appliances

•  Electrical System

•  Water Heater

•  Plumbing Systems

•  Air Conditioning

•  Heating systems

•  Primary Garage


How long does an inspection take?

Although no two inspections are identically the same, most home inspections which include a primary parking structure will take between 3-4 hours. The time will vary depending on the age, size and general condition of the property structures to be inspected.

What if I have questions regarding my inspection after reviewing my report?
Pro Certified Home Inspections encourages their clients to feel free to contact the inspector if further clarification or explanation is needed regarding the inspection or the inspection report.

Can I get help in arranging a home inspection if I live out of the area or even out of the state?

Yes. Pro Certified Home Inspections is always more than happy to help you make the necessary arrangements to get your home inspection done.

Following the inspection, we would promptly send out your completed comprehensive computer generated inspection report using the U.S. Priority Mail system or if you preferred, we have the capably to email your report to you in the popular Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. This would allow you to review and print out your report at your own convenience. Following your receipt of the report, we will contact you to review our findings and answer any question you may have.

Should I be present at the inspection?

Beware of the home inspection service that discourages you attendance. It's definitely a sign of incompetence.

Although it is not required, Pro Certified Home Inspections recommends that you attend the inspection if at all possible. It is an excellent learning opportunity for you to view first hand the thoroughness of our inspection process and to ask questions regarding the property.

During our inspection process, we also find value in identifying and explaining to our clients many of the notable positive attributes of the property and its associated structures.

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